Back to blogCalifornia Reshapes Collaboration and Response with Next-Gen SCOUT


Cal OES (California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services) is live on their Next-Gen SCOUT (Next Generation Situation Awareness and Collaboration Tool) program, powered by Intterra. Rollout of the new solution improves communication, coordination, and collaboration between first responders, emergency response coordinators, and other vital agencies to enhance tactical and operational response to fires and other emergencies, improving community safety across the state.

Next-Gen SCOUT was developed in collaboration with Intterra to integrate near-real-time data from the field into a map-based Common Operating Picture. It’s the kind of connectivity that enhances decision support and cross-agency collaboration by visually linking up-to-date incident information, video, predictive analytics, pre-incident plans, and background data on critical infrastructure, terrain, housing, and more.

The Next-Gen SCOUT is an excellent example of Intterra’s commitment to R3™ Risk, Response, and Resilience, leveraging data, maps, and connectivity to enhance the resilience of communities large and small by helping them to manage risk better, inform intelligent response and soften recovery when incidents happen.

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