Real-Time Mapping And Incident Planning Tool

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Your Response, Enhanced

Empower teams to markup maps collaboratively in real-time, enhancing strategy development and execution for all incidents.

  • Fire boundaries
  • Safe zones
  • Resource placements
  • Run simulations
  • Conduct hypothetical scenarios
  • Build response strategies
  • Manage outages
  • Assess damage
  • Coordinate emergency repairs
  • Evacuation routes
  • Emergency service access points
  • Other safety measures
  • track changes
  • Identify impacted areas
  • Plan mitigation strategies
  • Plan the response
  • Manage logistics
  • Manage locations

Detailed Mapping

  • Facilitates real-time, interactive collaboration on a unified map interface.
  • Ensures all stakeholders view and update the same information concurrently.
  • Reduces misunderstandings, keeping all teams synchronized and informed.
Detailed Mapping
Interactive Collaboration

Interactive Collaboration

  • Quickly adapt strategies to evolving conditions with immediate map and document updates.
  • Keeps response strategies aligned with the latest situational developments.

Real-Time Awareness

  • Enables precise resource allocation by marking key operational locations on the map.
  • Streamlines resource distribution, optimizes response times, and avoids duplication of efforts.
Real Time Mapping Tools

Incident Commanders

Fire Chiefs and Firefighters

Emergency Management Coordinators

Disaster Response Managers

Strategic Planners

Operations Managers

Logistics Coordinators

Resource Managers

Safety Officers

Risk Management Consultants

Emergency Response

Security Companies

Government Agencies

Public Information Officers

Liaison Officers

Training Coordinators

GIS Specialists

Remote Operations Managers

Key Features

Real-Time Updates

Offers capability to adapt quickly to changing conditions by updating plans instantaneously.

Customized Plans

Customized Incident Plans

Allows creation of tailored incident plans with visual sketches of evacuation zones and containment lines.

Improved Communication

Visual annotations boost communication clarity among all parties involved, reducing misunderstandings.

Improved Communications

Risk Assessment Tools

Users can mark potential hazards to enhance safety and decision-making.

Historical Records

Maintains records of planning and strategies for post-incident analysis and learning.

Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration

Supports contributions from remote locations, broadening the scope of expertise and stakeholder involvement.


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