Back to blogI Can Teach You Fire Pre-planning In Less Than 5 Minutes


Pre-fire Planning is Easy Now

You’ve been talking about what a pain fire pre-planning is for forever. Time’s up. Thanks to mobile and all that “cloud computing stuff”, it’s a snap.

In fact, I think it’s so easy that if you are capable of checking the weather on your smart phone, you can master pre-planning.

Here’s all you need to know:

  • Step 1: Pull your phone out of your pocket.
  • Step 2: Walk around the building and map it with your crew.
  • Step 3: Go have lunch.

Take a Look

Watch the video and learn how to preplan step-by-step in 4 minutes:

You just pick a feature and touch the map where it goes. Instantly, everyone on the department has the information on thier phone too.

What’s Next?

You can see how easy it is and, from the video, you know how fast it is. But it’s time to do something—get the details about price and how to sign up. It’s inexpensive and easy AND you can be up and running by this time next week.

I know this (and you do too): Firefighters will try almost anything. And if it doesn’t work, they’ll tell everyone and never try it again. But…. if it works—and makes the job easier or safer—they will swear by it, use it forever, and tell everyone they know. I think this falls into that category.

Take the first step