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Executive Summary

Challenge: Need for improved hazard mapping and communication among fire agencies.

Solution: Adoption of Intterra's interactive mapping platform.

Impact: Real-time critical information sharing and enhanced situational awareness.

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The Montana County Fire Wardens Association linked up with the Montana State Fire Chiefs Association and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to establish an accurate picture of the lands around the state affected by wildfires and other natural hazards. This desire grew into a search for a technology solution to help them communicate all-hazard information on a map, county-by-county across the state.


Inspired by the Intterra project in the Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP) developed by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), Montana County Fire Wardens and partner agencies discovered that Intterra provides an interactive mapping platform that incorporates multiple layers of information useful for preplans, incident command, communication to the public, and impact assessment.


What started as a way to bring together and communicate the most up-to-date hazards map of the state developed into the plan for a one-stop mobile technology solution so that:

  1. State agencies can maintain state-wide situational awareness of incidents reported by local jurisdictions.
  2. Local agency personnel in the field can capture information about fuels and other preplans, about wildfires and other incidents, and about post-incident assessments.
  3. Everyone in between can quickly see what is happening.

With Intterra now available to all agencies, Montana is achieving the vision of seeing “everything in one place”: fire history, critical infrastructure, weather and fire dangers, earthquake activity, mobile mapping updates, federal incident and resource information, and more. This year Intterra Montana is expanding to begin to include home risk assessments for a set of three test counties.


Intterra's platform is a game-changer for our statewide fire response.