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Wildfire Industry Collective

Intterra continues to expand its reach through the Public Safety world by joining The Wildfire Industry Collective. As a core piece of the first firetech ever created for wildland firefighting, Intterra will work to keep the frontline at the center of private sector work.

“We have great friends and partners that are already a part of The Wildfire Industry Collective, we’re very excited to officially join alongside them. Being a part of the big conversations that are helping firefighters and first responders is extremely important to us and wildfire remains a core part of our focus. We’ll continue making sure Intterra remains the center of the firetech ecosystem by building the right things with these partnerships,” said Mike Soldan, Intterra CEO.

“We welcome Intterra to the Wildfire Industry Collective,” said WIC Executive Director, Jonathon Golden

The Wildfire Industry Collective comprises 13 organizations and is growing. With a focus on taking collective action, these organizations meet regularly to ensure the right products and technology are being built and are available for wildland firefighters. WIC helps these organizations continue to push innovation for 21st-century solutions that help solve the massive problem of wildfires.

“The future of wildfire management lies with industry’s ability to innovate, develop and respond to the changing wildfire environment. We welcome Intterra to the Wildfire Industry Collective as they, like all of our members, are responding to the changing environment by supporting the boots on the ground and incident management teams where they are at now while keeping an eye to the future,” said WIC Executive Director, Jonathon Golden.

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