Back to newsIntterra Launches New Functionality for Community Wildfire Resilience

Community Risk Manager

Intterra, a leader in situational awareness software for fire first responders, has unveiled a new tool, the Community Risk Manager, to efficiently manage and track community efforts in mitigating wildfire risks and enhancing resilience. Launched on November 15, 2023, this innovative product allows state, local, federal, community, and non-profit organizations to document their wildfire mitigation activities in a centralized platform, providing full visibility and coordination among agencies. This tool, developed through a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in partnership with the Western Fire Chiefs Association, is the first of its kind in the market.

The Community Risk Manager enhances Intterra’s existing pre-incident planning tools by expanding capabilities to capture landscape treatments, mitigation projects, and funding. It’s designed to improve operational effectiveness and situational awareness for emergency responders, allowing them to map risks and critical details for more informed decision-making during emergencies. This development represents a significant step forward in equipping communities and firefighters with the necessary tools to better understand, prepare for, and respond to wildfire threats.

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