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Robert Edson, Chief Sales

Paul Morgan, GIS Manager

Can your community recover quickly when an event happens?

Resilience is the crucial process of preparing for, managing, and recovering from various events, including fires, floods, human or natural disasters, or even special events. It involves asking difficult questions and seeking answers that can help departments and communities better handle these situations and bounce back stronger than before.

Some of the critical questions that resilience asks are:
Can our community recover quickly when an event occurs? How is my department progressing towards our Community Risk Assessment and Hazard Mitigation Plan goals? Are our treatments and mitigations correctly placed to minimize risk? Are our actions aligned with our community’s needs?

Tracking data and evaluating community resilience is a significant challenge for many departments. However, the answers to these questions lie within the data itself. By analyzing and understanding this information, departments can make informed decisions and implement effective strategies that will not only improve their response capabilities but also enhance their community’s overall resilience.

During this webinar Intterra will share our thoughts on why resilience is a cornerstone of preparedness and recovery in the face of various events and disasters. By harnessing the power of data, departments can not only answer the hard questions but also develop robust strategies that protect their personnel, serve their communities, and ensure a brighter, safer future for all.