Back to webinarsFinding the “Easy Button” for Fire Department Reporting & Analytics


Robert Edson, Chief Customer Officer

Amy Ehm, Director of Customer Success

Fire Department Reporting & Analytics

Becoming data-driven doesn’t mean reporting for the sake of reporting; it means having easy access to data sets you need whether you are focused on accreditation, ISO audits, budget justification, or performance accountability. What’s more, analytics tools help you make sense of the data by providing a clear picture of strengths as well as key challenges, which helps inform your decision-making process.

Transparent, reliable visibility into any Fire department’s data is crucial for any organization today, especially those pursuing accreditation. If reporting & analytics feels overwhelming and intensely time consuming, well there’s an “easy button” for that. Our reporting and analytics assembles data into a tool that Fire departments use to have the necessary access to data sets needed to answer questions from an accreditation perspective, from the perspective of a City Council Member, and even from the perspective of your community.

“Liaisons and Battalion Chiefs,

As you bring information to our Municipalities and talk with the crews, it is important that you continue to expand your knowledge about the information that is now available to you through Intterra. Giving people the background information can often help them understand the information and will reduce misinterpretation.”

– Fire Chief Dan Peterson

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • What is Intterra?
  • How almost any size department can tackle tough questions (ERF, Stacked Calls, Reliability & Communited Units, NFIRs, and Municipality Reporting)
  • Different types of tool sets that are firefighter friendly.
  • How Interra’s solution is configurable, flexible, and accessible.